While on holiday in Spain in August 2017, I saw some Pilgrims walking and cycling in Burgos.

The idea that they travel across nations, over land and over rivers. The preparation for the unknown to find something within themselves or beyond themselves captivated me.

It stroke me like an ancient promise from my childhood, I feel like explore this feeling more mindfully.

This scenario only misses a soundtrack to color up this nostalgic feeling. But then reality knocks on my mind.


I have a time-span of 30 days, because Anne (my wife) has only 30 days of holiday. Whilst this trip is a soul-seeking run of 2100 km in 30 days, it would be nice to share moments with Anne.

70 KM each day is at the moment of writing unrealistic to accomplish. I tried a run of 43 KM last Sunday with 4 KG of backpack and got some input out of the run. 70 KM a day with even more 4KG is the challenge I want engage for the summer of 2018.

Animated Run



This website is my log for several reasons:

  • to learn from my training toward the challenge
  • to log my progress
  • to inform friends and family
  • to share my adventure